Nexus Mobile is the only Multi-Merchant loyalty Programme in the country which focusses on key lifestyle touch points of the typical Sri Lankan customer. Merchants are selected based on a filtration process so that Nexus Mobile members are only showered with a range of offers and choices that are most relevant to them.

Nexus Mobile has a member base which spans across all customer groups mostly from middle to upper classes. Nexus Mobile will provide a funnel using Nexus’s extensive loyalty base to channel the merchant’s intended targeted customers to the merchant’s outlets by identifying those customers that are most relevant.

Nexus Mobile will devise strategies and work closely with the partner merchant to build value to the merchant’s business. This partnership will help add value to customers thereby keeping them loyal and to frequent the merchant more often. Nexus Mobile will also provide the infrastructure required to communicate to these customers via multiple mediums. Nexus Mobile’s Bureau services can offer multiple communication mediums to reach members based on a given criteria to communicate to the merchant’s intended target market.

Retention of Merchant’s customers can also be facilitated using Nexus’s loyalty strategies thus engaging good will and providing incentive for customers to remain loyal to the Merchant